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As the divorce rate increases, boys continue to let us down, and sexual trysts with hot men only ever turn into one-night stands; maybe we no longer want to waste our time looking for the love our parents never found.A study reported in Daily News revealed that women who marry uglier men have happier marriages than ones who marry attractive men. Men are more concerned with the appearance of their mate, ensuring they will have good genes to pass on to their children.Please be serious with your profile, beacause our members are real & verified.You treat people sincerely & others will do the same to you. Are you a single pretty woman having a lot of pursuers but still seeking a right person? Are you a successful man not lacking of money and just need someone to give you love and warmth?‘I don’t need someone else’s blessing to do it, and I don’t need some boyfriend moaning that he doesn’t want to go, or that I’m leaving him on his own for a couple of weeks.I’m doing what I want to do, and I have no intention of changing tack.’Stern stuff.But while Kim’s words may sound like they were forged in the blazing flames of bra-burning feminism, that is not the subtext.Nor is the businesswoman, who owns a beauty salon and a cupcake academy, a heartbroken spinster whose defiant words are rooted in despair of ever finding a man.

But where you sit on a plane is not just about how famous you are.Money & Love----You can have it both ways as long as you join our millionaire club. Dating with attractive women is not just a dream as long as you are confident. Kim Williams is excitedly packing her bags for the trip of a lifetime.Instead they have made a positive commitment to long-term singledom. If you always fly in Economy class, the answer is probably no.

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Kim, who lives on the Wirral, is one of a new and growing breed of ‘forever singles’ — a band of empowered, independent women who don’t want to be defined by a relationship.

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