Garrett hedlund and lindsay lohan dating

My sister and I look nothing alike, and only when we're cracking up can people recognize any sort of resemblance.Today in celebrity gossip: Somebody found a purported list of Lindsay Lohan's famous hookups, Taylor Swift does not approve of Selena Gomez rekindling things with Justin Bieber, and Shailene Woodley continues to be terrific.Jamie Burke – model and ex-boyfriend of Sienna Miller and Kate Moss. Jamie Dornan – Played a mannequin-bothering serial killer in . Colin Farrell – that one from Heath Ledger – *Sob* Ryan Rottman – Nickelodeon star who had his DUI charges thrown out of court, prompting some commentators to suggest he had the same judge as La Lohan. Then again, anyone impersonating her could have simply imitated her writing…then , her dad Michael has said it's 'not even her writing'. We’ve checked where Lindsay was at the time this sex list was alleged to have been written.Max George: List 16 – “Things You Get Tickets For” This “The Wanted” singer had played sold out shows — and probably has a line of lovelies waiting. Valmorbida: List 5 – “Excuses for Being Late” This photographer turned entrepreneur is more than enough hotness to call in sick.Stavros Niarchos: List 2 – “Countries” Because he’s richer than some. Jamie Burke: List 14 – “Diet Foods” He’s a model turned musician. James Franco: List 8 – “Bad Habits” If you get past the arrogance and sense of self-satisfaction, you’ve still got James Franco.He has done over a dozen of films which include Troy (2004), Eragon (2006), Tron: Legacy (2010), Pan (2015) and much more.His duet song Give In To Me with American singer/songwriter, model, actress Meester has even taken its place in Billboard Hot 100 and Canadian Hot 100.

It’s also the day that her half-brother was born to her estranged dad Michael. She was photographed leaving Dan Tana’s restaurant in LA, but she didn’t exactly look drunk enough to leave her sex list lying about at a hotel. We don't know, and even if we did, we couldn't possibly tell you...

star Garrett Hedlund and thought, “Weird, but he looks like he could be related to Rooney Mara.” Like, siblings, or at least first cousins. I guess I've stopped this celebrity couple from ever happening, right?

Think about it—they've got similar bone structure and coloring, and that same calm but piercing blue gaze.

We’ve all done it before: scrawled, on a dog-eared sheet of paper, a list of all the people we’ve ever slept with.

We can’t remember all of their names, especially the conquests that pre-date Facebook. J Pheonix (sic) – This is supposedly Joaquin Phoenix, the grizzly-bearded actor. James Franco – the fuzzy-cheeked renaissance man who re-defines 'pretentious' every full moon. The last time we saw Lindsay's writing was during her infamous 2010 stint in the courtroom.

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Names might signify long-term loves or a barely memorable one-night stand. Lukas Haas – An impish actor who’s mates with Leonardo Di Caprio and has a song called Lindsay (it might be about his sometime-girlfriend Lindsay Lullman, though.)Nico Tortorella – an actor and model she's been linked to only this year… Adam Levine – Maroon 5 front-man, always looks and sounds incredibly pained when singing. Besides painting the nail of her middle finger with a miniscule ‘Fuck u’, she wrote a lot of meticulous court notes in red pen.

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