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A good power supply that will supply 5 volts and at least 1 amp (5V 1A) is vital.A 5 volt 2 amp power supply can help some wifi USB adapters run more stable.If it is blinking, as one user has reported it means the 5V power supply is dropping out. On model B (and presumably also the A ), the circuit has been improved to give a much more reliable warning of poor power quality. Note: A faintly glowing steady green LED means no boot code has ever been executed, as almost the first thing the boot code does is to turn the faint glow off!The red power LED is wired to an APX803 supervisor. When flashing/blinking the green LED should be as bright as the red LED.The is lower case, and I do check the overwrite box. If by "run correct locally" you mean does it all work when I click "Preview your web site...", yes it does. 7-16-17.pub" have last-modified dates of 7/16/2017. The "index_file" folder and the "index.htm" file have the date 8/4/14, which is the last date I changed the web site.

One thing to check is the upload if your site is set to start and you don't set it right in Windows it may upload Linux is case sensitive so it won't see the file or use it a common fault Thanks for the reply!I've read some of the other threads on the same subject and have restarted the laptop with TV on and HDMI cable plugged in, but still no sound.As I am typing this, I can see this screen on my TV, so we are connected properly.Note: if you have any kind of booting problems, start off by reading the "Is your Pi not booting?(The Boot Problems Sticky)" in the troubleshooting section of the Official Raspberry PI forum [1].

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Make sure that it is set high enough to be heard by the user.

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