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Throughout this book, you’ve been learning about fields in an indirect way.

Whenever a feature has been discussed that used a field, you’ve learned to insert that field via a button or dialog box, but you haven’t looked too deeply yet at what’s really going on behind the curtain.

They help perform the magic involved with many of the most powerful features in Word, such as mail merging, indexing, automatic generation of tables of contents, automatic figure numbering, cross-referencing, page numbering, and more.

There are many different types of fields, each with a specific purpose, but they break down into three main categories.

Most of the material remains relevant in Word 2007/2010. Sub Update All Fields() Update All Fields In Active Document End Sub Working for me now in Word 2010 (where the setting is in“File → Options → Display”).are the often-underappreciated placeholders that work behind the scenes in a document.a longer table of contents changes some page numbers in the main text. This includes updates of page numbers in '' tables (but would not add or remove entries). Taking care of the common cases is good enough for me. Sub Update All Fields In(doc As Document) '' Update tables. Update Next toc Dim tof As Table Of Figures For Each tof In doc.

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You can use fields to do the following: Yet another way to use fields is to create user-interactive forms.

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