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Hello, I am facing a problem that after hours of searching, I cannot find a solution to.The situation is like this: I have multiple NSText Fields whose contents are binded to various key path of an NSArray Controller displayed in a NSTable View (done in IB). Say, for example, you enter 2 2, then it will be converted to 4.

Drag from the connection circle next to the text Field1 outlet to the top text Field.

I have two windows, one is a table view to display content. I have an NSText Field binded to a property in my app delegate. EDIT: I tried all 3 of these with the same result EDIT: Here's a simple example to elaborate on my point https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/48014761/the label and the textfield are bound to the "str" property. It seems like I should create and destroy the window each time I open and close it. Also, Recommend:objective c - Cocoa Bindings and Core Data with multiple entitesntites: Film and Klient with many-to-many relationship.

When I change a value in the text field, the app delegate property will change. Then I created Table View with one column just to show Film name.

Do the same for text Field2 and the bottom text Field.

Drag from the connection circle next to the do Text action to the top text Field.

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