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In this week's Love Essentially, I offer advice to those looking for love.

I'll spoil it and tell you that the two words are authenticity and vulnerability.

As we age, we become more and more aware of our health and what our bodies need for us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So, you are starting over on a new path and you are killing it!

You are happy, you are fulfilled and you are living the life you have always dreamed of living.

In the United States, the 76 million Baby Boomers magnify the 65-plus group that stretches to over 50 million today.When referring to Michigan divorce cases, the term “jurisdiction” means one thing – which court will be hearing your divorce case.In the state of Michigan, all divorce cases are held in the circuit court of the county in which the person who has filed for divorce lives.Before you get too hopeful about the prospect of having a divorce finalized in two months, listen to Michigan lawyer Jacob Femminineo in this video as he delves more deeply into the 180- and 60-day divorce laws.Learn about possible waivers that a judge may grant if it’s in the best interest of children who are wrapped up in a divorce.

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She sent it around 4am: Today really got the best of me. We’ve all heard that divorce story…about the couple who went to court on the day of their divorce, and then after it was final got a hotel room and had sex.

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  1. On the Front Lines When you determine your teen is mature enough to date, celebrate! The boy came in and met your parents; he paid for dinner; and you were home by Yet, it is easier to gauge a person's faith by meeting him or her in your real life vs.